The Future
American City

A national CityAge public interest campaign

To build America’s future, we must invest in the future of the American city.

How we build – and rebuild – our cities will determine the health and success of our economy, society and nation.

CityAge is launching The Future American City campaign to build on this important idea. We will bring together the leaders who day in and day out are building America’s urban future. There is a tremendous transformative power within this human network –- a powerful new localism that offers exciting approaches in building our future.

The power of new localism is nothing less than “power reimagined,” says the great city thinker Bruce Katz. No longer is decision-making vertical, with cities at the bottom forced to implement what comes from above. Cities are now the great atomizers, where ideas, capital, and people are tossing aside hierarchy and creating exciting new ways to get things done.

This is a transformative idea, mainly because America is now largely an urban nation in which cities and their denizens have developed extraordinary clout. There are regional differences, and local priorities reflect that, but the fact is: human and financial capital in cities is now America’s greatest resource.

The Future American City is not one where old titles much matter anymore. Rather, the energy and vision are coming from networks of excellence powered by people who are finding new ways to solve our challenges and seize the tremendous opportunities before us.

The fact is: human and financial capital in cities is now America’s greatest resource.

CityAge’s campaign on The Future American City will be setting out the ideas and strategies to:

  • Re-build urban infrastructure across metropolitan regions, and renew utilities to make our cities more resilient.
  • Increase economic opportunity through innovation districts and the re-design of schools for a new economic era.
  • Prepare cities for environmental change as we build new energy systems.
  • Implement smart city systems across the metropolitan level.
  • Dramatically increase housing supply through policy reform and investments in construction technology.
  • Use new investments in transit systems and technology to make American cities more livable and dynamic.

The Future American City will be anchored by a series of at least 10 conferences in the next 18 to 24 months in America’s major metropolitan regions*:

  • Chicago
  • San Jose (Silicon Valley)
  • New York City
  • Phoenix
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Seattle
  • Houston
  • Denver
  • Miami

To date CityAge has organized more than 50 conferences that have brought together a collective network of more than 6,000 leaders. We will now knit together – and build upon – this diverse network of leaders in business, government, research and design, and civil society.

We invite you to join us – not to build that proverbial shining city on the hill that we never seem to reach– but rather to invest in the cities within our reach, to make them work for everyone.

*Cities may change

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